Analytics products of WPA to analyze your workforce.

WPA exists of 3 separate software products working alone or in conjunction. Whether you are looking for organisational insight, discovering value networks or visualising the cultural condition, WPA delivers on target. Learn here about how the different analytic products serve your needs.


Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics is the base module of WPA. 100% of our partners and clients use this to discover how the organisation works. It delivers fast and detailed information about the activities of the organisation, where the work is done, how people perceive the collaboration and complexity of their work and how the means of the organisation support them. Its powerful visualisations has helped workplace strategists and their customers around the globe on 3 continents. Where knowledge workers work, WPA will help to make the work even better.

WPA Modules are accessible on any device.

This is thanks to our HTML Standards. You can access your WPA dashboard from your browser on your PC, Mac or tablet. So yes we deliver one of the most visual dynamic dashboards of work without compromising on proprietary technologies.

In-depth work activity analytics.

Workplace Analytics as a module is focusing on the actual work done. Not based by your current work environment but focusing on the activities and the complexity and level of collaboration associated with it. Why? Because delivering great work environments demands insight in how people perform at their best.

Where work is performed. On any detail level.

Often organisations provide 100% availability of desks or cubicles for personnel based on the FTE count. But the reality is that on most days and during office hours workplaces are occupied not more than 50 percent. WPA delivers insight through work-profiles about how space in the office is used during the week. This can be analysed by location, team, function or other attributes to have a more precise image of the situation.

How work is divided and prioritised by the workforce.

It does not only matter 'what' work is done. What might even matter more is how much time people spend on certain activities and how they are prioritised. The future of work is that of relevance and interest. How does your workforce value the activities they do and how can you steer towards a more engaged, and therefore more productive, workforce.

Considering activity based working? Tackle the most difficult part: Ratios.

Most organisations consider some form of activity based working. Organisations increasingly work more varied and use different workplace typologies to be more productive. But one department is not the same as the other. How to come to an analytical business decision on implementing activity based working? WPA has the algorithm to make a direct translation to a division between workplaces based on team characteristics. This delivers input to your design team to create their own workplace concept without making expensive failures in the amounts of workplace typologies offered.

Tooltime! What is actually used and which teams desire what?

We believe this is the one that always gets away. Often an in-depth analysis of what tools are required per activity or even what space is lacking. Based on what was available or what generally is needed a requirement is drafted. But we have seen surprising needs for certain teams or rooms when it comes to successful backing up activities. Our activity - tool analysis helps decide what to keep and what to improve to work even better.

Take it forward

Workplace analytics provides a focussed beam of insight that you can turn to the blind spots of your organisation. It facilitates the discourse on what is happening next. Want to step into the future? Create scenarios in which you can tweak the variables to model different outcomes.

Add your flavour: Customised analysis.

Workplace Analytics is a module with limited variation so you are able to make longitudinal studies of your work(place) requirements. But we provide extra services to customers to find out extra things you desire. E.g. understanding complex video conferencing needs in limited timezones or how hospitality should work for you. Custom analytics can be added to your reports to make it work for you.

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